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    Dr. Krishna N. Sharma
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    24 December
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  • Founded Online Physio Community (OPC, India) during graduation (2004).
  • Founded O.B. Publication (2005).
    Got first book (Krantiveer Bhagat Singh) published (2005).
  • Joined theater (2007).
  • Joined as Visiting Faculty in the Jeevan Jyoti institute of Medical Sciences, Allahabad (2008).
  • Became Head of Department in the Jeevan Jyoti institute of Medical Sciences, Allahabad (2010).
  • Became Vice Principal of Jeevan Jyoti institute of Medical Sciences, Allahabad (2010).
  • Got first break as an Actor in a short film 'Amar Prem' (2011).
  • Became Academic Chairman of D.L.S. Institute for Health & Wellness (2012).
  • Joined Scientific Research Journal of India (2012).
  • Made three world records - Most Medical Books Published in a Year (India Book of Records), Maximum People Acknowledged in a Book (Limca Book of Records; India Book of Records) and Longest Book Acknowledgement (Unique World Records) (2012).
  • Got the first Bestseller- 'PNF Made Easy' (2012).
  • Got 33 more books published on Physiotherapy, Music, and Self Help by reputed publishers from India, Germany, and USA (2013).
  • Joined India's Dancing Superstars (Star Plus) as the consultant (2013).
  • Joined the Emergency Medical Unit of Jhalak Dikkhla Ja as the consultant (2013).
  • Made century of the books (2013).
  • Received the Significant Contribution Award in a national conference – Neuraxis-2013 organized by AIIMS, New Delhi. (2013).
  • Joined St. Louis University, Cameroon as the Head of Department (2013).
  • Promoted to the Dean of Studies at St. Louis University, Cameroon (2014).
  • Worked as paper setter and the examiner for the national examination conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education, and Ministry of Public Health, Cameroon. (2014, 2015).
  • Became 1st Indian academician to be on the cover page of PhysioTimes Magazine, India. (2014).
  • Joined 'Physis Learning Academy' as Career Counsellor. (2014)
  • Joined 'Google Developers Group, Bamenda, Cameroon' as an Advisor. (2014)
  • Became President of Indo-Cameroonian Society for Growth & Development (ISGD) (2015).
  • Founded a film production company - Glare Films - India/Africa (2015).
  • Developed the principles of Krishna's Kinetikinetic Manual Therapy® (KKMT®) and started developing it's techniques (2015).
  • 20 More books - '5 Minutes Joint Pain Management', 'Acupressure for Trigeminal Neuralgia Made Easy', 'Hidden Opportunities in Physiotherapy', 'Acupressure for Cervical Spondylosis Made Easy', 'Acupressure for Infertility Made Easy', 'Acupressure for Dementia Made Easy', 'Hindi Songs Based on Indian Classical Raags', 'Mnemonics on Physiology', 'Acupuncture in Neurological Conditions', 'Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis Simplified', 'Acupressure for Epilepsy Made Easy', 'Acupressure for Hyperthyroidism Made Easy', 'Acupressure for Sciatica Made Easy', 'Acupuncture for Obesity and Weight Loss Simplified', 'Acupressure for Muscular Dystrophy Made Easy', 'Acupressure for Lumbar Spondylosis Made Easy', 'Practical Music Therapy', 'Acupuncture for HIV and AIDS Simplified', 'KKMT® Mobilization- The Upper Extremities' and Acupressure for Impotence Made Easy became bestsellers (2016).
  • Started teaching KKMT® Mobilization in Cameroon. The first 2 students were Mr. Chu Buh Franklin (Student: University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy) and Mr. Donfack Philip (Lecturer: St. Louis University, Cameroon) who learned KKMT® Mobilization for Knee Joint (2016).
  • The first book on KKMT® published. - KKMT® Joint Mobilization - The Upper Extremities. (2016)
  • Cameroon became the 1st country to have KKMT® in it's national PT curriculum by the Ministry of Higher Education (2016).
  • Became the 1st Asian and the youngest person out of only 126 people listed in the category in Wikipedia (2016).
  • Became the youngest and 2nd Indian out of 45 prolific writers listed in Wikipedia (2016).
  • Launched KKMT in Sri Lanka (2016).
  • Worked in a Cameroonian movie "The Worst Harvest" as an actor (2016).
  • Worked in an African radio play "Antonio Almighty" as an artist (2016).
  • Co-produced an African radio play "Singer of an Old Song" (2016).
  • Joined Victoria University, Kampala, Uganda as the Dean- Faculty of Health Sciences (2017).
  • Published quasquicentennial (125th) book (2017).
  • Became Vice Chancellor at Victoria University, Kampala, Uganda (2017).